LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner has right credentials for sheriff


After researching the candidates for the open Walla Walla County sheriff's position, there is no doubt in my mind John Turner is the right person for the job. Spend five minutes with John and it becomes very clear he has the best credentials and the ability to lead the department into the future of any of the candidates.

From his work as a gang unit police officer, corporal, senior lead officer, law enforcement attorney, and most recently serving in Iraq investigating and going after terrorists, he will be a great asset to the citizens and families of our county.

He's the only candidate with a college degree. He holds a bachelor's degree in public administration with an emphasis in criminal justice administration, a graduate certificate from the Delinquency Control Institute and a doctorate law degree.

In 30-plus years of law enforcement in Walla Walla, not once did either of his opponents put forth the effort to go to Walla Walla Community College to get an AA in criminal justice, nor did they go over to WSU Tri-Cities and earn a degree in criminal justice to better serve our community.

Length of service by itself is simply not a qualifier to be our sheriff. When one compares motivation, energy and accomplishments alone, John Turner is clearly the absolute best choice. If you disagree or have heard otherwise, I encourage you to meet John or attend one of his events.

I have seen for myself the use of fear and untrue rumors to campaign against Turner, yet I know he can stand on his own merit and accomplishments. The citizens of Walla Walla County deserve better. Elect John Turner for sheriff. We cannot let this opportunity slip by.

Skyler Rude
Walla Walla


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