Reiki sessions as varied as practitioners


There is really no such thing as a typical Reiki session.

Each practitioner's methods are as unique as they are. Session times range from 15-90 minutes and while some practitioners will come to your home, others have offices they work from. The options are endless, but hopefully I can help you get a feel for what to expect during a Reiki session.

The most important part of any session is making sure that you are comfortable with your practitioner. Before the session actually begins, most practitioners will ask you to tell them a bit about yourself and what brought you to them.

They will also let you ask any questions you may have about Reiki or their process. This allows you and the practitioner to get acquainted and builds rapport.

After the initial consultation your practitioner will ask you to sit upright in a chair or lie down on a massage table (fully clothed).

The practitioner may then put on some soothing music to drown out any ambient noise and dim the lights to create a calm and restful environment. If you prefer to have your session in silence or to have different music, feel free to ask your practitioner.

You are in charge of your session and are encouraged to make your needs known.

Once you are comfortable, the practitioner will go through a series of hand positions on the body. These positions are done with the hands placed lightly on or slightly above the body and typically cover the seven main chakras and organs in the body.

The placement of the Reiki practitioner's hands is light and noninvasive with very little use of pressure. Some practitioners will also include the arms and hands in their sessions.

During the session each client seems to have a different experience. The most common thing that Reiki practitioners hear after a session is, "I feel so relaxed."

First-time Reiki clients may feel nothing out of the ordinary during or after a treatment but will note that they simply feel better or lighter. Others often note how warm the practitioner's hands feel.

I have one client who likens the Reiki experience to a deep meditation, always leaving feeling centered, light-hearted and with a general sense of well being.

When you are ready to schedule your own Reiki treatment remember to take your time and find a practitioner who is just right for you. Never be concerned about asking questions. You are the most important part of your Reiki sessions.

The more information you have and the more comfortable you feel, the better your Reiki experience will be.

Corbi Copeland is a Reiki practitioner at Akasha Natural Healing in Walla Walla. She can be reached at or


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