LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Domestics are answer to economic woes


I've always considered billionaires an obscenity. The idea that one person owns that much wealth boggles my mind. After all, just a century ago we capitalized the first billion dollar corporation.

But now I'm getting used to the fact that millionaires, billionaires and even trillionaires might be good for the country.

So what if Congress extends the Bush tax cuts to give rich people another $3 trillion? Look at Victorian England!

Just look at England, where the sun never set on the British Empire! Where Cecil Rhodes owned over one percent of all Britain's wealth. England had no unemployment, and no foreign power was foolish enough to mess with the British Empire.

The secret? Domestics.

Those sterling souls who made upstairs and downstairs work: the upstairs maid, the gardener and the chef, the scullery maid, the chauffeur and the butler. These were the true heroes of the British Empire, and we should welcome them to our shores.

The Republicans know this. They know that Reaganomics -- the trickle-down effect -- doesn't work when jobs are sent overseas.

But we can't ship off the domestics. Dusting furniture in India doesn't help over here. No one in China can draw MiLady's bath, hoe the weeds, saddle the master's mount, wash his cars.

We needn't have an unemployment problem. Just shuttle enough wealth to the rich and they will hire domestics. If that doesn't work, we'll just give them more.

No matter how rich the rich get, it will work. Just look at Versailles and then tell me it won't work!

One thing we share with 17th century France is ostentation. Louis XIV employed thousands -- a thousand in the kitchen and more than that in the gardens. He had 16 attendants just to take care of his wigs.

What billionaire wouldn't want his own Versailles?

And Louis XIV never had a billion dollars.

But there's a glitch; there always is. Americans resist those lifestyles where they actually have to work. We won't take easily to the uniform, the curtsy, to saying "Yes, Mum."

But the jobs will be there, and when the Republicans abolish welfare, the unemployed will have little choice.

It isn't as hard-hearted as it might seem. We all know that any American who works hard enough and saves his money can become a billionaire, too.

Paul McCaw


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