Walla Walla County Coroner's race - Frank Brown


What do you see as the duties required of the county coroner?

An accurate determination of cause and manner of death is essential to society. The exoneration of the innocent; recognition of murder; documentation for criminal and civil court proceedings; sound, impartial medical evidence and exposure of public health hazards are some of the reasons the coroner assumes jurisdiction over human remains to determine the cause and manner of death.

One of the requirements of your job will be to write a budget which will have to be approved by the county commissioners. How much experience have you had writing budgets?

Forty years, privately and professionally.

Which deaths do you feel a coroner is required to investigate?
Which deaths do you feel a coroner is required to investigate?

The rules reflected in the Revised Code of Washington 68.50.010 clearly define the types of deaths, too numerous to mention, which the coroner's office is required to investigate.

What are your thoughts on confiscating medications found in the home of a deceased person? Is this necessary? Why?

The general practice of the Washington State Coroner and Medical Examiner's Association is removal of medications (to allow) determination of patient's prescriptions, their appropriateness, prescription compliance and/or possible abuse, or use to facilitate suicide. Knowledge of medications found within blood toxicology help diagnosis and determine cause of death.

Under what circumstances do you feel an autopsy is justified?
Again, the (Revised Code of Washington) clarify that any death of questionable circumstance be investigated by the coroner.


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