Candidates advance in Columbia, Garfield county races


With three contested races, Columbia County voters had the highest voter turnout in the state, with 62.25 percent, or 1,593 of 2,559 registered voters turning in ballots.

In the race for Columbia County Commission District 3, incumbent Charles G. (Chuck) Reeves received 275, or 69 percent of the votes cast in the district, easily outdistancing challenger Charles Amerein, who received 122, or 31 percent of the votes. Both men listed the Republican Party as their preference.

Incumbent Sheriff Walt Hessler did nearly as well as Reeves, receiving 66 percent of the votes cast in the contest. His opponent Mark Frankly received 34 percent. The actual vote count was 1,015 for Hessler and 525 for Franklin. They both listed the Republican party as their preference.

Incumbent Prosecutor Rea Lynn Culwell did not fare as well, receiving 726, or 48 percent of the votes cast, while her challenger Randy O. Lewis received 788, or 52 percent of the votes. Lewis listed his party preference as Republican, while Culwell gave no party preference.

In each of the three races, both candidates advance to November's general election.

There are 150 ballots left to count, with the next ballot count set for Sept. 1 at 10 a.m.

In Garfield County, the one contested race for county treasurer showed incumbent Karen Roosevelt leading with 411, or 56 percent of the votes, and challenger Lynnette Fischer receiving 320, or 44 percent. Roosevelt prefers the Democrat party, and Fischer listed her preference as Republican. Both candidates will advance to November.

Voter turnout in Garfield County was 50.26 percent. There are 25 ballots left to count, with the next count set for Friday at 4 p.m.

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