LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - John Turner is clear choice


I write this letter to recommend John Turner for Sheriff. I first met John as a classmate in the Leadership Walla Walla training course in 2007.

As I got to know him it was evident that John was just that, a leader. Through learning his background as a police officer and experience in conflict resolution, I asked his help and he gave me the exact advice that was needed to solve a dispute between local law enforcement and a friend's business. His wisdom and advice on the matter proved to me he really knew what he was talking about when it came to law enforcement, and I can see why he has the respect and letters of support from several commanders of the U.S. Army, FBI, ATF, and LAPD SWAT.

Since that time, John was recruited and has further answered our country's call of duty by serving as a counter-terrorism investigator embedded with U.S. Army combat teams in Iraq as part of an elite program to identify, track and capture enemy terrorists in order to save American lives in a wartime environment.

It was soon after his return that I saw John and he mentioned that local folks were encouraging him to run for sheriff. I knew John had the education, training and background, but as a lifelong resident of Walla Walla I had reservations about whether he really understood our area as, I'll admit like many others, I tend to be a bit guarded about this place that I love.

This was only to find out that he is the fourth generation of a local farming family that has farmed the skyrocket hills north of Prescott for over 130 years, and that he met his now wife when she was in the seventh-grade at Garrison.

John's law enforcement and legal experience may have been gained elsewhere around the globe, but it doesn't take long after talking with him to know that he truly "gets" our area and what it needs. With that knowledge I was more than satisfied that he is one of us and understands why the history and traditions of this place are so important.

So, with all due respect to his opponent, I am supporting John Turner for sheriff. His experience, leadership capability and vision for the future make him the obvious choice.

With all that's going on, we need him and a fresh approach. Elect John Turner for sheriff.

Chris Erickson
Walla Walla


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