LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Ask readers to pick comics


Good for Holly Jones and Nathan Hopkins!

What are comics that are not funny? U-B insulted readership when it arbitrarily altered the comics. Or did I miss something?

Were numbers of readers complaining about Hagar the Horrible or other long-running features? I hesitated complaining about the changes because others might think me a curmudgeon.


I go back to Prince Valiant, which was not a comic, but for years I closely followed the adventure. Then we lost Li'l Abner and Pogo and Alley Oop and a steady exclusion of ones I thought funny. My stomach and sense of humor rebelled at the introduction of Doonesbury, and I began resenting the journalistic hegemony of "my funnies" ever since then.

Now, out of 27 strips, I have only Pickles, Family Circus, Peanuts and Blondie. I tried appreciating the others -- Over The Hedge isn't bad, but it and the rest are washouts. They do not replace the strips they displaced such as Garfield.

My wife and friends have their preferred strips of the past, but now only from one to three. We all feel the comics have been decimated.

How about printing a ballot page that lists the strip titles of the past 50 years, with vote check boxes by which readers can indicate the strips they like/liked and would like to see printed?

Al Johnson
Walla Walla


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