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Support urged for Sheriff Hessler

Four years ago, I actively supported Sheriff Walt Hessler in his write-in campaign for Columbia County sheriff. This was a decision I reflect back upon as being one of the best decisions that could have been made for me, my young daughter, as well as the citizens of our community.

In these tough times, I oftentimes recognize political candidates who offer empty promises in order to be elected. What I have seen with Sheriff Hessler is who he has delivered on the promises he made four years ago.

I serve as a member of the Mental Health Crisis Team for Columbia County, and what impresses me the most is who we have very proactive law enforcement for such a small community. This is reflective of Sheriff Hessler's leadership.

Countless times in the middle of the night, Sheriff Hessler has transported individuals to psychiatric hospitals in Yakima, Spokane and Richland, and then the next day been actively on duty. He has the characteristics of a true leader: He is approachable, he is as honest as the day is long and he has integrity.

I have recognized a lot of mud-slinging by his opponent, but never once have I heard Sheriff Hessler say anything negative about his opponent - that is just the kind of man Sheriff Hessler is. He is running for office again on his own merits.

As a mother raising a daughter, it gives me comfort to know we have individuals such as Sheriff Hessler protecting us in this community. Please join me in casting your ballot (and this time it won't have to be a write in) for Sheriff Hessler.

Chrisan Christensen


Terrible things happen in war

Our government needs to keep secrets from the governed because among the governed are people who would share that information with our enemies. Our enemies can use that information against our troops and against those citizens who help us.

If the enemy knows our policy and tactics, then they can use this information developing tactics against us. Although a necessary evil in our time, war is a very nasty business where terrible things happen - even to good people.

In the fast pace, high adrenalin environment of the battlefield, mistakes will happen. Finally, everything you read is not necessarily true or the complete story.

Wouldn't it be nice if our enemies had to play by the same rules we saddle our troops with or have the same scrutiny of their actions?

Arthur R. Sauer

Walla Walla

Rentals are available in WW

The letter regarding available housing in Walla Walla in the Aug. 15 Union-Bulletin was puzzling to me. As a follow-up to my curiosity I phoned all the rentals ads from that day's paper.

There were approximately 44 properties listed and of these, about one-third either did not answer or answered with an answering machine. I was able to speak with the others and found that about 50 percent were either still or would soon be available for rent.

I do not know what criteria Mr. Eperthener was using, but I included both furnished and unfurnished apartments, condos and homes including those available for rent to own. The above statistics do not include the many "For Rent" signs I have seen as I drive the streets of Walla Walla that are not necessarily listed in the newspaper.

Once again, there are always two sides to any story/letter and from my research I would make the statement that there are sufficient rental properties available in our town to accommodate those interested in moving to the area.

Valerie Weaver

Walla Walla

Wow, class of '45 is special

On Aug. 6-8, the Walla Walla High School class of 1945 held its every fifth-year reunion.

Your city planners and City Council really outdid themselves in welcoming our class.

Unlike years past, where the streets hadn't changed such in 65 years, this year your Main Street was festooned with magnificent shade trees that weren't there five years ago so they had to have been put there just for our class. I was absolutely flabbergasted and overwhelmed with delight and in awe of what your planners did for our class, but that wasn't all.

They hung flower pots and boxes along the streets, they antiqued the buses and, lastly, they blocked off a good portion of Main Street for a basketball rodeo for those of us who enjoy the sport.

All of that was just too much but then it does show quite nicely that the class of '45 was the most astounding class to ever leave Wa-Hi and, at long last, recognizing that fact, the city planners give the class recognition it so richly deserve.

From me and for all my student friends we appreciate the city planners and the good people of Walla Walla for what they did for us.

Jerry Walker

Lacey, Wash.

New comics in U-B not funny

I am writing to agree with the two earlier writers about the changes to the U-B comic pages. The new comics are not funny to me.

Please return the ones that you deleted.

Janet Turner

Walla Walla

Trash talking needs to end

I was reading the letter to the editor about the Columbia County Sheriff's Office and it led me send this in.

We moved to Dayton in 1995 to retire and at that time this problem of loss of new officers was a main problem. Even Sheriff LaTour had said the new officers hire on and in six months or less they leave for a higher paid job.

This loss problem still runs its path as I see new officers all the time. Retention is only for those who really want to protect and serve in Columbia County. The officer loss was also a problem with Sheriff Berglund.

Now I take offense to Mr. Cooper's name calling of officers being called "deadwood" getting promoted, Since Sheriff Hessler has taken office I really only see one person actually promoted and that being Undersheriff Lee Brown, and Deputy Brown is not "deadwood."

In order to keep officers from leaving Columbia County their pay scale needs some serious work.

I do hope the trash talk concerning the election of a sheriff in November comes to a stop. My vote will be placed on the one doing the job as I see it.

Steven D. Jacobson


Obama should be replaced

As a country, the United States of America is in grave danger of losing everything. We the people of this country have a president who is ashamed of us and who has apologized all over the world for the United States of America and this country's people.

We the people of this great country have a president who bows before the rulers and dictators of other countries. Barack Obama bowed before the royal family of Saudi Arabia. These are the people who funded the terrorists who flew the planes into the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

Now, to add insult to injury, Muslims want to build a mosque at Ground Zero where the Muslim terrorists flew the fully fueled jet airplanes into the Twin Towers. Barack Obama approves of this site for the Muslim mosque. What an insult. We have a president who would rather insult the people of this country he is serving than insult the Muslims.

Wow! We have a president who is a socialist who would like nothing better than to see America dissolved and a socialistic country built in its place.

Barack Obama has single handedly ruined America. Isn't it time for impeachment? Isn't it time to remove this Barack Obama from office and have a new election to put a sane, patriotic person in his place.

We can't have Joe Biden either. He has said before that if he was to take over for Barack Obama that he, Joe Biden, would carry on with Barack Obama's agenda. That is not going to help this country.

We would need a completely new election for the president of the United States of America.

We have to make sure that Barack Obama and every Democrat incumbent are never re-elected to office. Please consider what I have said.

Sharon Benzel

Walla Walla

Special-needs children are great

I would like to praise Sara Lightfoot for the letter she wrote about special needs children. It touched me more than I can even explain. I completely understand and relate to every single word she wrote.

I, too, have a child with autism. He is 20 but he is still my little boy. We have endured many people in our lives who just did not understand how to act around him. Just be yourself, but most of all, be polite. That's all we ever hope for.

Since moving back to Walla Walla in 2004, we have encountered many people who have embraced our son for who he is. Those people are special to me. They make me realize we are not in this alone and for that we are blessed. Along with my son there are many "special people" in this town who have touched my heart and shown me that anything is possible.

Had it not been for my son and his involvement in community programs I might have missed the opportunity to meet many of these children and young adults. I am fortunate to have these experiences because I think I have become a better person just knowing them.

I applaud Sara for reminding me to stop and smell the flowers and remember how beautiful they make our lives.

Kimberly Ruchert

Walla Walla

‘It's the culture, stupid!'

I'd like to assert some input to a thread that M-F's Richard Moyer had published in the U-B of Aug. 15.

Some years back, I read a fiction story that included technology that we now have - that of political issues being e-voted on nationally, as opposed to "representatives" carrying the "voice" of their constituents (sorry, no cite). Though this would be open to corruption, it lessens the crowding at the trough, so to speak.

Some years back, there were worries that technology (i.e. robotics) would result in excessive unemployment. Regardless of changes in the tally "formula," it needs a solid solution. Reports on the agenda of the globalists suggest depopulation. Input?

Some years back, there was talk of privatizing Social Security. Who's more trustworthy, the private sector or the public sector? I assert that in this point in time, neither have acceptable track records. Input?

Some years back, "It's the economy, stupid," was a popular catch-phrase that simplified things. Get your pencil, Einstein, and write this down; "It's the culture, stupid!"

Modeled behavior that sends the message that immoral behavior is the only way to get ahead bears the fruit currently in our basket. Those over 35 have the perspective of living in a much different culture. "Behavior equals consequence" is now a front-line treatment approach used to help recidivism rates in criminal populations. Didn't this used to be modeled in homes, schools and churches?

Why is it now illegal? What and whose agenda motivates this policy? This demands an answer.

Some years back, Russian professor Igor Panarin predicted the U.S. would fracture into five or six regions during this time frame. Mexico wants the Southwest United States back because it's "Atzlan" (our land). Google both ... Input (without hate speech)? Solutions?

Dean Hamper


Bring back comics that were dropped

I don't like the new choice of cartoons. Give us back our good ones. These new ones aren't even funny.

Come on people, there must be more than two of us who want them back - Frank and Ernest, For Better or Worse, Hagar the Horrible, Garfield, Born Loser and The Wizard of Id.

Arvilla Richardson

Walla Walla

Much Ado About Nothing was wonderful

Was Jerry Davis awake throughout the entire production of Much Ado About Nothing? Perhaps if he had been, he would have realized that "the man kissing another man" was Borachio, who appears drunk throughout most of the play, and that the kiss was included because quite a few members of the audience (such as the out-of-town students he mentions disapprovingly) found the idea of a man drunk enough to kiss his horrified friend funny.

The entire cast of the play was remarkable, and my family enjoyed the whole evening quite a lot, as did, from what we could see, the rest of the captivated audience, none of whom seemed to mind the kiss that bothered Mr. Davis enough to write in about it.

Perhaps this was because the audience was intelligent enough to deduce that the director put this five-seconds-tops-bit in to fully illustrate Borachio's alcoholic tendencies. I fail to see how the kiss made the production worse, or how it seemed unduly inappropriate in a generally inappropriate play (half of the plot revolves around Hero's virginity, for heaven's sake).

The entire production was wonderful, and the idea of the Seattle Shakespeare Company "not making the trip again," as Mr. Davis put it, is ridiculous. If a harmless bit in a play bothered him so much, it is not the company that needs to stay away from Walla Walla, it is Mr. Davis who needs to stay away from the Fort Walla Walla Ampitheatre.

Kalie Adams


Schwabacher's 150th anniversary

I just had a thought. This is the 150th anniversary of Sigmund Schwabacher arriving in Walla Walla.

He started the Walla Walla National Bank (in what is now the Banner Bank Building) and a mercantile that became Gardner's (when built this building was quite magnificent - called the grandest building north of San Francisco). There was also a grocery store where the public library is now located (until it burned down - I think in the early ‘70s) which was called (if I remember correctly) Sigmund's IGA. I can find no record of it and no one but me seems to remember it. How about a story on this?

David Higgins

Walla Walla

Walla Walla is a nice town

I love this town.

I was rushing to a meeting this morning and must have dropped my cell phone next to my car. When I returned, some kind stranger had attached a cloth Walmart bag to my door handle with the cell phone tucked inside.

Whoever you are, I am appreciative.

And here's a weird synchronistic event. In Portland last week I met Ernie Levy, an elderly man from Palm Desert, Calif. When Ernie found out I was from Walla Walla, he told me this story: "Many years ago, I worked for a New Jersey company and happened to travel to Walla Walla. I left my American Express card in a restaurant and was certain it was lost forever. But when I returned home there was an envelope in the mail with my card inside and a note telling me to have a good day."

Ernie smiled. "You live in a nice town." I do, indeed.

Kathy Ketcham

Walla Walla


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