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I am writing in reply to Sharon Benzel's letter to the editor dated Aug, 22. In the letter, she calls for the impeachment of Barack Obama and the ousting of all Democratic Party elected officials.

Her letter is just another sad and disheartening example of the vitriolic name calling that has become a part of our political landscape. It is also the same rhetoric that is the primary vocabulary of a few popular cable TV shows. She throws words around like socialism and equates all Muslims with terrorists, but I doubt very seriously she can give an accurate definition of socialism or has a basic understanding of what Islam is all about.

Yet, despite this, she calls for the overthrow of a duly elected administration and despotism based only on her worldview.

As far as her being insulted by Mr. Obama bowing to the royal prince of Saudi Arabia, she must have a very short memory. During his presidency, George W. Bush was pictured kissing his cheek and then holding hands with the prince. At that time, it was reported as being "diplomacy" rather than complaisance. Why is Mr. Obama singled out for the doing something similar?

As good citizens, it is our job to have a basic knowledge of our history and our government. That means getting information from a variety of sources -- not just one TV show or newspaper. That way, we get a fair and balanced view and can make our own critical decisions -- not just spout the biased opinions of a few popular, but uninformed, talking heads.

Leslie Hamilton
Walla Walla


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