LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Rising Sun Clubhouse story not complete


A recent article concerning the Rising Sun Clubhouse, and the departure of dedicated director Kay Maxfield, contained only part of the story. In reporting without all of the facts, you have done a terrible disservice to the clubhouse and Kay, who has dedicated years of hard work and money to help the clubhouse be a success.

When one board member speaks, he does not speak for the entire clubhouse, and in this case only partly told the complete facts. Whatever agenda this person may have will eventually be discovered, but in the meantime, please make sure you gather all of the facts and make sure you consider your source when reporting.

Kay has been a champion for folks with mental illness on a local level and state level as one of the founders of NAMI -- Walla Walla, and an original founder of the clubhouse. You owe her an apology, at least.

Joseph Sienkiewicz
Walla Walla


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