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Still spontaneous after 39 years of marriage, Nolan and Kathleen Lockwood playfully strike a James Bond pose while having their portrait taken at Harvest Foods. The Lockwood's natural ease and spontaneity have helped them establish a friendly rapport and loyal following with their customers. November 18, 2010

Business/job title: Co-owners of Walla Walla's Harvest Foods. Nolan Lockwood is the president and chief operating officer, and Kathleen Lockwood describes herself as a different kind of CEO -- "Chief Errands Officer."

Hometown: Both born and raised in Pendleton.

What brought you to Walla Walla? They were here in the 1970s when he worked at Albertsons. He helped with the relocation of the store to its current Eastgate location. They moved back here almost four years ago when they got the opportunity to purchase this store.

"Everyday is an adventure. In the grocery business, it's never boring," Kathleen said.

Favorite memory: "In general, the birth of our kids," said Nolan. "We've been married for 39 years, so there's so many great moments. We are very blessed," she said.

Current favorite song/CD: For her it's "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay." He's a fan of the Beach Boys. They went to a Beach Boys concert and were able to dance during the concert. They said it was a wonderful, fun experience.

Favorite movies: They are both "movie buffs" and are in agreement about their favorite movies: "The Lord of the Rings" series. They traveled to New Zealand to see some of the areas used in the making of the movies. She loves old movies and he remembers the Wednesday movie nights he had with his dad.

Favorite food: "Deli chicken is pretty good," he said. "Actually, Kathleen's a darn good cook, my favorite food is her home cooking." She loves Italian, Mexican and a good pot roast.

Favorite book: He reads business books, also enjoyed "Facebook for Dummies" and a book about Howard Schultz. She liked the Earth's Children series by Jean Auel.

Favorite hobby: They both play golf. She used to sew and have a "ginormous" garden but now they are too busy for much of that.

Favorite places in the area: "Home."

Most recent local purchase: "Gas, green fees, movies and of course, groceries at Walla Walla's Harvest Foods," he said.

Dream vacation: "We've had a couple of them already," she said. They visited Australia and New Zealand. She would like to go to Great Britain and Ireland. "I'd like to go back to Vietnam or to South America," he said.

Worst job: "I've never had a worst job," she said. They both agreed that they like working. "I got into the grocery business in 1963. It's all about service," Nolan said. The grocery business has been very good to him and he hopes the service they've provided has helped others as well.

If you had another career, what would it be? They both said it would be teaching. "We do that all the time we're here. It's fun to share what you know. We help them be better than they think they can be. It's fun to see the growth in people. Empowering people."

If you could talk with anyone, from any time or place, who would it be and why:

"I would go back and talk with my dad," he said. "The same thing came to my mind," she said. "I would talk with my mother. I miss her. She's been gone 13 years. She was a funny, opinionated, very cool person.


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