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The Walla Walla County Washington State University Extension Office hosted its annual 4-H Achievement Program for 4-H youths and adult volunteers on Nov. 14.

Approximately 159 awards were presented to 4-H members, clubs, and volunteers from Walla Walla, Waitsburg, Touchet, Prescott, Lowden, Milton-Freewater and surrounding areas.

Medals, pins, trophies, plaques, certificates, or other special awards for their 4-H accomplishments during the past year were awarded. 4-H teens Jacob Leinweber, Chris Propeck, and Emily Wilson emceed the program.

Brenda Bryce received recognition as the Outstanding 4-H Volunteer Leader of the Year for her exceptional leadership and service to the young people of the Walla Walla County 4-H program.

Outstanding 4-H Members in Walla Walla County were selected in each age division. The junior division outstanding members were Maddie Fenton, Ryan Chapin, and Patton Wright. Receiving honorable mention awards were Kaylee Brown, Erin Chapin, and Makenzie Frost. The intermediate division recipients for outstanding member were Alli Key and Colton Dodd. Receiving honorable mention awards were Beka Adams and Gabrielle Longmire. The senior division winner for outstanding member was Cristina Sosa. These members were selected for the quality and growth of their 4-H project, their leadership skills, and their active involvement in the total 4-H program.

Ranch and Home 4-H Club was recognized as the top Outstanding Walla Walla County 4-H Club for the 2009-2010 4-H year. Ranch and Home 4-H had the largest percentage of club participation in county events, contests, community service, and other 4-H activities.

Other awards include:

Best Record Books: Kaylee Brown, Gabrielle Longmire, Sydney Vollmer.

Honorable Mention for Record Books: Maddie Fenton, Tom House, Beka Adams, Darnelle Larish.

Best Club Secretary Book: Katie Ankrom, Kendra Torrey, Clare Reese.

Best Club Treasurer Books: Kaylee Brown, Alli Key, Elizabeth Wood.

Honorable Mention for Club Treasurer Books: Nakeesha McShane, Catalina Foust.

Club Reporter and Club Historian/Scrapbook awards: Sydney Vollmer.

Club Community Service Award: Happy Trails 4-H Club.

Best Window Display awards: Happy Trails and Ranch & Home 4-H clubs.

Best Wool Outfit: Michaela Nordheim.

Ival and Ruth Sutherland and Matthew Ival Stevens Memorial Award: Emily Prull.

Jan Arbini Memorial awards: Alli Key, Brooke Kralman.

Wayne Stambaugh Memorial Award: Emily Adams.

State 4-H Fair Recognition: Lauren Bergman, Cora Jo Borgens, Megan Evans, Renee Roach.

Project Medals of Honor: Beka Adams, Emily Adams, Katie Ankrom, Lauren Bergman, Destinee Bollinger, Cora Jo Borgens, Kaylee Brown, Olivia Buob, Bailee Butler, Danny Butler, Megan Evans, Maddie Fenton, Makenzie Frost, Tom House, Alli Key, Darnelle Larish, Erica Leinweber, Kayla Leinweber, Gabrielle Longmire, Rebekah Longmire, Chris Neal, Mary Neal, Michaela Nordheim, Clare Reese, Renee Roach, Kendra Torrey, Sydney Vollmer, Bethany Voss, Mackenzie Widner, Emily Wilson, Ben Wood, Patton Wright.

4-H Presentation Awards: Teresa Acock, Katie Ankrom, Miriam Bennett, Lauren Bergman, Destinee Bollinger, Cora Jo Borgens, Nathan Brewer, Kaylee Brown, Olivia Buob, Grace Burrows, Maddie Fenton, Catalina Foust, Makenzie Frost, Jack Gannon ,Olivia Grimaud, Hannah Hampson, Emily Johnson, Allie Key, Darnelle Larish, Emily Leinweber, Erika Leinweber, Jacob Leinweber, Katie Leinweber, Kayla Leinweber, Jacey Mohrland, Alicia Newcomb, Kiana Newcomb, Paige Palmer, Natalie Parsons, Jaime Quaresma, Alina Reese, Kimberly Reich, Emma Spencer, Karissa Stubblefield, Bethany Voss, Emily Wilson, Samantha Zuger.

Japanese Exchange Host Family: Ungerecht Family.

4-H Scholarship Recognition: Roxana Acock, Alina Reese.

Teen Leadership pins: Emily Wilson, Alli Key, Gabrielle Longmire, Bethany Voss.

County Teen Representative and Teen Leader at Large Recognition: Grace Burrows, Samantha Castoldi.

First-Year Leader pins: Sarah Beechinor, Heidi Johnson, Heather Fogarty, Carla Nordheim Thorson.

Five-Year Leader pins: Andrea Adams, Cheryl Dodd, Heidi Leinweber, Pam Widner, Rebecca Wilson, Angie Vollmer.

Tenth-Year Leader pin: Robin German.

Fifteenth-Year Leader pin: Theresa Heitstuman.

New Leader awards: Ann Adams, Debbie Barnes, Sarah Wik, Heather Fogarty; Leader Booster Award: Merianne Key.

Alumni Awards: Andrea Adams, Veronica Deal.

Dedication Awards: Crystal Fenton, Tracy Longmire, Bob Vance, Loretta Wright.

Service Award: Mirney Wagner.

Inspirational Award: Sally Walter.

Appreciation Awards: Leland and Traci Weber; Dick and Mary Hanson.


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