LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Support success of new sheriff


I am writing to join Deputy Dale Preas' effort to encourage all citizens of Walla Walla County to support and demonstrate our total commitment to ensuring the success of our new sheriff, Mr. John Turner.

This support must include all law enforcement personnel, past and present, even if some voted for his opponent. The citizens have spoken clearly and a change is the preference.

In regards to "hurt feelings" within the Sheriff's Office, get over it! Simply because one (or more) has 10, 12 or even 30 years experience is not indicative of what's best for everyone.

As for previous letters attacking John Turner, it's time to put those to rest. I certainly have been appalled reading the nasty, mean-spirited opinions of some, and many have come from staff (and relatives) of our law enforcement agencies.

You know who you are, but I encourage any citizens who are curious, to go back and research the authors. It would be quite helpful to know who may or may not support John Turner in the future.

The total success of this needed change and those priorities we have asked the new sheriff to help accomplish, requires "positive" teamwork. If those who remain in a negative state of mind aren't willing to dedicate to the future of Walla Walla County, then I say find a new job.

I sincerely believe Sheriff-elect John Turner will lead us in accomplishing more than simply aiming radar guns at people, demonstrating bad-day attitudes and thinking that's all that's required. It's time to understand the importance of good feelings for all, not just those who serve.

Finally, to those gun-toting gang-bangers, rapists, bank robbers, drug dealers, thieves and other scum, I strongly suggest you get out of Walla Walla County. We're tired of your presence.

Robert Phillips
College Place


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