LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Political prostitution


Political prostitution is historic. Example: Cleopatra entranced Julius Caesar, bore his son and kept her throne.

When Julius got whacked she scorned Caesar Octavianus (Augustus) to encore with Mark Antony, bore his three children and kept her throne. However, when vengeful Augustus defeated Antony at Actium, Antony croaked himself and by Egyptian tradition his wife Cleopatra had to hug an asp. Ah politics!

Obama adopted the male version of Cleo's strategy entrancing varieties of followers from starry-eyed political neophytes to rabid America haters. His promises and platitudes plucked from teleprompters sounded lofty but over time proved hollow, sophomoric and dishonest.

Liberal media shields his administration and activities to crush America's solvency and global standing. Obama's alter egos Pelosi and Reid jammed unwanted agenda down dissenter throats.

Obama's White House morphed into the world's largest political brothel. Cleo would have been proud.

The battle for America's rejuvenation versus demolition never faced current levels. Power hungry egomaniacs cause the fight. Two carnivores devour America's flesh, AIPAC -- the American Israel Political Action Committee -- and George Soros.

The first, AIPAC, is well documented in Paul Findley's They Dare to Speak Out and full understanding resides in Google sites regarding Zionists.

AIPAC/Israel handed Obama these positions (11-15-2010 U-B wire reports). Israel temporarily slows -- but ultimately finishes -- hundreds of apartments in Palestinian's West Bank. For slowing the U.S. shall give Israel 20 F-22 fighter jets plus promise to veto any U.N. action criticizing Israel. Bankrupt America annually donates billions of dollars, armament and facilities to Israel.

The second devastating carnivore is George Soros who wants to install a perfect world order. Google Soros, then gag.

Soros owns or funds mass media and radical organizations to shield his "Shadow Government." However, Glenn Beck's researchers outed him. Soros hates America and proclaimed, "It's fun to destabilize oppressive regimes ... America is (oppressive} and stands in the way of the New World Order." He told Australia's national newspaper The Australian, "Destroying America will be the culmination of my life's work."

Soros found his flunky in 2002, financed his rise and became Obama's puppeteer. Soros demolished Georgia and Kosovo governments by collapsing national currency and building socialist replacements. Soros made billions. America is next and Bernanke is actively speeding the collapse.

Asps anyone?

What differs between carnivores' and bin Laden's goals? Bring on the drones.

American patriots must refight 1775 and win again.

William L. Kelly
Walla Walla


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