In the minutes - WESTON COUNCIL


Members of the Council are Bill Boyd, Chet Mills, Juan Avila and Dennis Snider. Mayor is Duane Thul. With all present Wednesday the Council:

  • AMMONIA: Discussed anhydrous ammonia field operations guide that is being developed. There are three business in the Weston area that carry anhydrous ammonia.

  • COMMUNICATION: Discussed interoperable emergency communication plan that is being developed by the newly formed Umatilla County special radio district.

  • DOG ORDINANCE: Tabled discussion of the dog ordinance until January to gather comments about any suggested changes in the ordinance. Unanimous.

  • CITY HALL: Decided a feasibility study on repair of City Hall needs to be done whether or not a grant is received. Estimated cost of the study is $3,000 to $5,000.

  • HISTORIC PRESERVATION: Approved adoption of revised zoning historic preservation ordinance. Unanimous.

  • SURPLUS: Council member Avila volunteered to examine materials stored behind City Hall and compile a list of items that could be surplused. The list will be presented to the Council.

  • GRANT: Approved application for a $25,000 grant from the state Department of Transportation. The grant is for paving or repaving of main throughway streets during 2011. Unanimous.

  • DESK: Approved purchase of city recorder's desk. Charley's Cabinets will build the desk for $1,060. Unanimous.

  • COMP TIME: Approved request to pay out 200 hours of 284.25 hours of police comp time. Vote was 4-1 with Snider voting no.

  • TRAINING: Approved request for police training in Spokane, and Evanston, Ill. Unanimous.

  • CRIMES: Voted to allow Officer Josh Henningsen to join the Umatilla County District Attorney major crimes team. Vote was 4-1 with Snider voting no.

  • APPOINTMENT: Approved appointments to the historic landmark commission. Appointees are Amy Mayer, three years; Jorge Cisneros, two years. Alternates are Tim Crampton, one year; and Heather Henningsen, two years. Unanimous.

  • BONUS: Approved $100 Christmas bonus for full-time city employees. Unanimous.

  • HANDBOOK: Delayed approving section related to comp time in the employee handbook until it can be legally corrected.

  • SNOW PLOW: Approved purchase of snowplow and sanding bed for the public works pickup, up to $4,000. Unanimous.

  • AGREEMENT: Approved maintenance agreement with Cummins Northwest for one year. Unanimous.

  • CUTTER: Tabled consideration of purchasing a plasma cutter until more information is available.


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