LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Only McCain worse than Obama


Guantanamo Prison is still operating; W and Dick Cheney are still at large; the words "Armenian genocide" have yet to be pronounced; earmarks have not been reduced; the Peace Corps has not doubled in size and government is even less open and transparent than during the Bush years.

Barack Obama completely dropped the ball on health care, which is nothing but a sickly remnant of its originally conceived self.

It would not have been possible to bungle the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" issue more competently than Obama bungled it while roughly 1,000 gay and lesbian soldiers have been expelled from the military since his inauguration.

The only thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on is to continue to wage war.

Not to be outdone by W's surge in Iraq, Obama, now in possession of the Nobel Peace Prize and once again manipulated by the military, has tripled the troop level and implemented his own surge in Afghanistan where we seem doomed to spend another costly decade. Our wars keep droning on.

Things have been so bad since Obama got elected that the only way they could have possibly been worse is if Obama had not been elected. Has anyone been watching John McCain lately? His performance at the Senate hearings on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" gave evidence of a mind no longer able to process new information.

His continuous retreating to his original position despite new information from senators and generals was disturbing and his final argument that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" should not be repealed in the current economy was surreal.

Even more frightening was his call last week for "regime change" in North Korea. This man is far too dangerous to be allowed in the White House, even for a visit. In a real and tragic sense that can only arouse pity, John McCain is still very much "a prisoner of war."

Now that the Christmas spirit has descended upon me, I will hang my stocking with what has become my annual Christmas prayer: That all those beautiful, young American soldiers whom we will see interviewed on television during the next month, who have unfortunately come to believe there is something useful and patriotic in risking their lives while we install corrupt governments in countries that hate us, may come home in one unshattered piece before next Christmas.

Patrick Henry
Walla Walla


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