LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Windmill operator should fund Aviary


Save the birds.

The Aviary in Pioneer Park needs to be funded so that current and future generations can benefit from interacting with real, live wildlife. Our birds are worth protecting. Our Aviary is worth funding.

So who should pay to keep the Aviary open? Why not ask the largest killer of birds in our county, which has killed nearly 14,000 raptors, bats and birds over the last 10 years. Let's ask the windmill operator, Florida Power and Light, for a little help. It operates and profits from the 454 windmills that kill all those birds. Giving back a few dollars to save our Aviary would be a nice Christmas present and the right thing to do.

Walla Walla County commissioners (Greg Tompkins, Gregg Loney and Perry L. Dozier) have the responsibility to monitor and the jurisdiction to modify conditions of approval for the Stateline Wind Farm in Walla Walla County. Maybe if enough people called upon our commissioners to step up and ask the windmill folks to give back a little, we could save our birds in the park. It's the right thing to do.

Barlow Corkrum
Walla Walla

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