In the minutes - GARFIELD COUNTY


Garfield County Commissioners are Dean Burton, Wynne McCabe and Robert Johnson. With all present Monday commissioners:

  • ZUMWALT: Agreed to write a letter supporting the Zumwalt Water District's efforts to obtain a grant for water line improvements.

  • LIBRARY: Discussed librarian's hours with the library board. The assistant librarian is resigning, and the other librarian would like to take on more hours. Will continue the discussion next week.

  • SHEPHERD FOUNDATION: Learned the county received $87,949 from the Shepherd Foundation for various projects. The grant includes $60,000 for the Courthouse renovation project, $15,000 for the Eastern Washington Ag History Museum; $399 for the library; $500, health district, and $1,000, $4-H Camp. Garfield County Fair received $550 for the kitchen; $2,500 for chairs; $5,000 for the rodeo, and $3,000 for the market sale.

  • APPOINTMENT: Approved reappointment of Louise Munday to the Aging and Long Term Care board. Unanimous. Learned Betty Capwell and Beatrice Fuchs will not be seeking reappointment to the board.

  • LETTER: Wrote a letter to City of Pomeroy regarding library lawn and emergency management. In the letter commissioners informed the city the county will no longer do lawn maintenance at the library, and will no longer reimburse the city for emergency management.

  • BUDGET: Reviewed budgets for equipment rental and revolving fund.

  • GRANT: Signed certificates of assurance for transportation grant to continue running the transportation program. Unanimous.

  • RESIGNATIONS: Accepted resignation of Emergency Manager Director Clay Barr, and his assistant Laura Dixon. Unanimous.

  • SERVICE DISTRICT: Signed a service contract with the Garfield County Fire District, for $2,100 per month. The fire district has hired a person to handle emergency management.


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