LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Lioness Club working to save Aviary


The Walla Walla Valley Lioness Club raised $30,000 for the Pioneer Park Aviary back in 1983. This was matched by the Braden Trust, along with a start up gift of $20,000.

The Aviary has been enjoyed by many over the years and once again needs community support to continue to exist. The Lioness Club is spearheading another fund drive.

As we did in 1983, the Walla Walla Valley Lioness Club will be distributing collection cans to businesses in our community. Please put in these cans all your spare change, cash and tax deductible checks made payable to City of Walla Walla, Pioneer Park Aviary Fund.

All the money will go to the City of Walla Walla Parks and Recreation Department to maintain the Aviary. We welcome assistance from other agencies and organizations. With community help the Aviary will continue to be a destination spot for our families and visitors.

On behalf of the Walla Walla Walla Valley Lionees Club Aviary Committee -- LaVonne Reser, Veva Hepler, Sherry White and me -- we appreciate your help and support!

Shareen Knowles
Walla Walla


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