LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - US should drill in oil-rich areas


I would like to give Joe Shelton and the environmentalists insight into what not drilling in ANWR and other oil-rich areas has done to this country.

I was in the oil business for over 30 years and I have watched what this mentality has done to our country. In the 1970s we were importing around 20 percent of our needs. Many of us remember what the oil shortages did to the U.S. when OPEC nations cut off our supply, oil only cost about $10 a barrel.

Remember 13 percent inflation, interest rates of 25 percent and long lines to get the fuel you needed? Even numbered license plates were able to fuel on one day and odd numbered the next. We still live with this possibility today.

Now we import around 65 percent of our needs and a barrel of oil costs $90. You want to bring this economy and our country to its knees, shut off the oil!

ANWR has some beautiful parts but where they want to drill is not beautiful. It looks just like the Prudhoe Bay area where we began drilling in the 1970s and it is only about 70 miles away. Now with new technology a single oil well cleans out 25 square mile area of oil.

Not much of a finger print on the environment! They also said drilling would destroy the wildlife habitat. Do your homework and you will find there is more wildlife at Prudhoe than ever. The animals do not pay any attention to the pipeline as it warms the surrounding ground for sleeping and food.

America needs to start drilling in ANWR and other oil rich areas of our country, Green River Basin in Wyoming, the plateaus of eastern Colorado and the waters off our coasts, would make the U.S. energy independent. Bush tried to do something about this but the Democrats and the environmentalists blocked him at every turn.

Everyone is upset about massive deficits yet every three years we add one trillion dollars, which we borrow, to that deficit buying oil from other countries. Think of the deficit reduction and the American jobs this would create. If new technologies are developed to cut our demand for oil, we could export the unused oil to China and cut our trade imbalance to them. Wouldn't that be a novel idea? Cut our deficit and trade imbalance!

Robert Jackson
Walla Walla

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