Voices from the Walla Walla Valley: A Cougar couple



Mike and Sue Gillespie.

Sue Gillespie, 68, and Mike Gillespie, 69, sadly watched Washington State University lose to rival University of Washington in the last game of the football season this year.

"Sue bleeds crimson," Mike said.

Sue has rooted for WSU football from as early as 6 years old. She remembers listening to the game over the radio and relaying the play-by-play to her nervous father, who couldn't stand the suspense. Sue's father, Robert Schnebly, played center for the Cougars in WSU's first appearance at the Rose Bowl in 1916. (His identical twin brother, Rufus, made some unannounced guest appearances in games when Robert tired.)

Sue and Mike recently established the "Golden Onion Award," an annual fund for teachers to use for classroom supplies or for professional training. Three public schools teachers - one from elementary, middle and high school - will each be awarded the $500 grant.

Sue and Mike are the focus of this week's Voices from the Walla Walla Valley, at wallawallavoices.com.


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