LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - No need to continue letters debate


I feel obliged to respond to Mr. Peacock's demand for an apology (No need for name calling, Dec. 16).

First, I have no personal issue with nor animosity toward Mr. Peacock, nor do I seek a continuing debate (although I'd not refuse to respond to points raised in a friendly discussion of issues).

I respect him, as previously mentioned. My only issue was with opinions he conveyed in two letters; one, that asked "why the hatred and rage, the stupidity of the ‘birthers,' tea partiers, etc? There's too much hatred, not enough common sense."

That got my attention, as I've often supported the tea party on the opinion pages. I try never to use the word "stupid" when referring to others but do react strongly when it's applied to me, even indirectly.

The other letter obviously referred to me (a "regular," who was in the U-B article referenced) and included words such as "vitriol," "diatribes," "altering facts to make points," "hate and misplaced facts" and "too few have insight to realize opinions and facts are not the same."

I don't have a problem of comprehension with those "clearly written statements," as suggested. Nor do I employ "hate" nor "malice" in my opinions. (Those who know me realize I would more likely be grinning and shaking my head when typing, not frowning, growling or grinding my teeth. So no apology will be forthcoming.)

Mr. Peacock advises that he doesn't pick fights, call names, or (falsely) accuse others and neither do I.

In fact, I suspect we probably would agree on more issues than not, finding common ground on many or most. I'll take him at his word that it is not his intention to cause grief and I do regret that there was an apparent misunderstanding about which of his comments were intended for publication and which were not. Mistakes can happen.

For me, the matter is closed. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Mr. Peacock and his family (and all readers) the merriest Christmas, happy New Year and good will to all. In lieu of that apology, when Mr. Peacock next comes to Walla Walla I would gladly meet, shake hands and buy the first round of coffee, beer or a glass of fine local grape product.

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla


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