Unknown 'Santa's helper' brightens mom's Christmas


WALLA WALLA - A bag of gifts left on the front patio belonging to Kari Tisher, a single mother of one, left the young women in awe of the spirit of Christmas that was displayed by an anonymous Santa's helper.

"There was no note. There was nothing. It took my breath away. Somebody notices," Tisher, 33, said.

The bag, Tisher described, was filled with gifts for her son, Calder, 4, who had already had several presents under the tree.

"It wasn't so much that we needed the gifts. It was the thought that somebody, I don't know who, but somebody noticed we struggle and they cared," Tisher said.

The hotel front desk attendant, who was working on Christmas, explained she had bought several gifts for her son on Black Friday, each costing about $8.

But it was the thought behind the "luxurious" red velvet blanket and bow that touched the mother's heart, and confirmed to Calder that Santa does exist.

"It was this plush red blanket that was so soft and so luxurious ... He (Calder) was crazy about it, He was like, ‘It's Santa, Mom. It's Santa.'"

The blanket was loaded with cars, Caterpillar toys, a Sponge Bob pillow and blanket and a few other gifts.

"My son and I, we do struggle. It is not easy, but we do well together. But we do struggle. But somebody noticed. And I want to tell them thank you."


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