Turn lights on in the fog


How visible are you on a foggy, cloudy, snowy or rainy day? It seems like the most somber colored vehicles are often the ones moving along through these road conditions without using headlights!

This morning I started to cross the street to my mailbox. It seemed like I may have heard something, but could see nothing. Fortunately I hesitated a moment. Suddenly a gray vehicle emerged from the fog into my field of vision, just a few yards away. I could have been directly in its path if I hadn't stopped and waited!

This is not the first time I have observed these gray, blue or black cars moving along through fog with no notion that someone may not see them. I've seen this on highways, country roads and city streets.

Each time I've thought somebody should do something about this situation. This morning I decided to be that "somebody" -- so here is my urgent plea to all of you to please, please, please use your headlights when traveling in dark or foggy weather!

Evelyn Groulik
Walla Walla

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