Valley Transit is lifeline for many


Imagine finding a job in this tough economy but not having a car or money for fuel to get to work. Or being a senior or wheelchair-bound, needing to do your grocery shopping or attend a doctor's appointment and not being able to afford taxi service

These are issues faced by many in our communities. For them, Valley Transit is a lifeline.

I am the CEO of Blue Mountain Action Council, which serves thousands of people in the Walla Walla/College Place area. For many of these individuals, Valley Transit is their only means of finding jobs, getting to work and taking care of life's basic tasks.

The fiscal problems and potential further service reductions faced by Valley Transit are through no fault of its management. Valley Transit has long taken a very conservative approach to its resources and fees and can be proud of the service it's been able to offer despite the revenue decrease caused by statewide changes in tax equalization and the car license fee.

A secure and robust public transportation system that is available at an affordable price is important to our community's prosperity. A "yes" vote on the Feb. 9 ballot is a vote for the Walla Walla Valley's continued vibrancy and vitality.

Steven M. Moss
Walla Walla


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