Waitsburg Lions get funds back

The parents of the club treasurer wrote a check for money their son allegedly stole.


WAITSBURG _ The Waitsburg Lions Club has its missing money back in the bank, club President Scott Branson said this morning.

"Our funds have been restored," he said.

Club treasurer Don L. Johnson called Branson on Thursday and offered his apology to the club, and told Branson his parents wanted to make full restitution, Branson said.

Johnson, 38, was arrested Thursday on investigation of first-degree theft for allegedly writing 16 checks totaling $14,600 on the club account.

Johnson's parents, Dave and Judy Johnson, gave a cashier's check for $13,500 to club member Neil Carpenter, who deposited it Friday morning. The money actually missing is $1,100 less than the amount of the checks written, Branson said. The $1,100 was written with insufficient funds in the account and will be the responsibility of the payees to recover the funds.

"We can start working on the projects that we had planned for the community," Branson said.

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