Rising Son Clubhouse appreciates VT


On on behalf of all the Rising Son Clubhouse members who contributed to this letter, I am writing to express appreciation to Valley Transit for its continued and dependable transportation support.

The Rising Sun Clubhouse plays an important role in the Walla Walla community by providing a safe environment for adults with mental illness to experience acceptance, mentoring, peer-to-peer support, life and social skills. Mental illness thrives in an environment of isolation, while individuals are meant to be social creatures.

The importance of daily social interaction coupled with a nutritious meal cannot be stressed enough. Several members of the clubhouse are dependent on the buses to give them access to resources in the community. Everyday errands like going to the grocery store, going to doctor appointments and getting to the clubhouse for lunch are all dependant on buses running. As individuals with mentally illness, we already face significant difficulties and challenges in our day-to-day life.

In recent months we have seen devastating cuts in social services on both a federal and state level. Rather than face yet more adversity and challenge, we ask you to join us in saving our buses.

We encourage you to vote yes on the Valley Transit proposaly and help us maintain our independence and autonomy. To Valley Transit we ask its management to consider adding a permanent route to Kelly Place. Presently no such route is available, and we must rely on Dial-A-Ride and friends to get us there. Still, we are grateful for the respect, dignity and dedication your drivers provide.

What would we do if there were no buses running, no Dial-A-Ride, no Job Access? This is the question we have been posing to ourselves as we rally ourselves in campaign to provide a sustainable and reliable source of income for Valley Transit within the local community.

Laura Holt
Walla Walla


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