Change our Constitution?


Why are there always some blowhards in politics trying to change out constitutional rights? Whether it be the First, Second, Fifth amendment it doesn't matter. These were set in place by our forefathers a long time ago and that includes the right to keep and bear arms, as in the Second Amendment.

So then along comes our political blowhard, Sen. Adam Kline, D-Seattle, who wants to pass a bill that would take away our rights to purchase (an array of different pistols, shotguns and rifles,including semi-auto rifles with large ammo magazines and pistol grip stocks.) Why not air rifles, it's the only thing left off of his list?

Then he goes on to say that we can keep our firearms as long as someone from the local sheriff's department comes to our house to make sure they are stored safely and securely. He then goes on to say that no weapons will be confiscated.

The last time I heard, if law enforcement had evidence that criminal activity was going on in our residences, it would have to obtain a search warrant to enter the premises.

We who take responsibility in owning firearms have them safely stored and secured. It is nobody's business where or how we store out firearms. We who are responsible know how to do this properly in our houses with our families. This is our property and our houses and our rights according to the Constitution.

If people want to obtain guns for illegal purposes they are going to find them, whether it is through the black market, crooked gun dealers or just criminals on the street they will find them.

Instead of wasting our hard-earned tax dollars on trying to change the Second Amendment and our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms, why don't you give our money to the law enforcement agencies so they can hire and train officers to crack down on illegal sale of firearms to people who have no legal right to own them.

It's a lot easier to pick out a few bad apples than throwing out the whole bin. Leave our constitutional rights alone and find something better to do with our money.

Robert Aichele
Walla Walla


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