Etcetera - 02/04/10


Corgi alert. There's a new group forming online for local Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh corgis and their owners at Facebook, according to corgi fan Mark Spinks.

He e-mailed in response to my tail of woe about Lady Scarlett O'Hara of Tara's dirt digging and one-dog attempts to replicate the moon's cratered surface in our mostly pristine back lawn.

"Your pup probably picked up on a scent and is digging to get at the culprit," Mark supposed.

Mark is owned by corgi, Ryder, who "goes out of his mind with mole holes. Also roots -- for whatever reason. He'll dig until you can't see his head."

Unfortunately this is all ringing too many bells, and too loudly.

A mole's raised tunneling has been seen several places in our yard, front and back. The mole came out of nowhere, I tell you.

But there's hope. Mark said one way to sidetrack a corgi is to offer it full control over a sandbox.

It "works great. It lets them dig till the sun goes down and helps sap their energy." Now that sounds like a great idea.

Before moving to Walla Walla, Mark lived in the Seattle area where he was part of the corgi group. They congregated at various locations around town "and it was quite a sight to see 10-20 corgis all in one place.

"I've seen some corgis around (Walla Walla) and my sister has also seen plenty," Mark said.

He set up a Facebook site for corgi owners here, at then type in Walla Walla Corgis to see if anyone is interested in getting together.

In the mean time, friend Annie said when she washed dog Buster after he played in the dirt, he would get about five shades lighter. "Same goes for our new dog Chase."

My fervent wish is Scarlett will tire of this foxhole-digging pursuit in our back yard. Another idea is to keep a pile of dirt handy so we can smooth out the moonscape. So far, my husband hasn't bought into my brilliant idea that we need a mini-excavator, say a nice little Bobcat bulldozer, just my size, so I can move dirt around our place at will -- or after Scarlett -- whichever comes first. It's a fantasy, but sure fun to dream.


Members of Walla Walla Valley Lioness Club will host a food drive from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Saturday at Plaza Safeway. The drive will benefit the Blue Mountain Food Bank. All types of food are needed, but forms of protein, such as tuna or other fish, peanut butter, canned chili, canned stew and macaroni and cheese are most appreciated. Other suggestions are canned fruit, juice, detergent, tissues and soap. Monetary donations are also accepted. There are many needy singles and families in our community who desperately need our generousity, said Lioness Veva Hepler.

Contact Annie Charnley Eveland at 526-8313.


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