Valley Transit allows independence


It has been 21 years since I have been behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. Diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration have consumed the vision that I so much cherished in my earlier years. Since that time I have been fortunate enough to rely on the support of family resources for most all of my local transportation needs.

I have been especially fortunate to be able to lean on Valley Transit's Dial-a-Ride program for my incidental appointments and make arrangements with them weekly for dates in advance. These are the routine appointments that I maintain daily to assist me in remaining an active and healthy community senior. I have made very good friendships with the many drivers who pick me up and take me home.

These professionals are kind, considerate and understanding of the many needs of the individuals who they serve. Likewise, they are prompt, on time rain, snow or shine. Without them I would be confined to my home daily or until my working children are available to accommodate me.

As I have mentioned utilizing the services of Valley Transit affords me an independence that I have lost through medical difficulties in the past several years. If those services were to cease at this time we would see many more of our community individuals slipping into unhealthy home-bound situations.

Not everyone has the family support system I have always been privileged to have. The Walla Walla Valley Transit system currently provides a mode of transportation for our community medically and physically challenged that is unmatched by any other.

My children and I appreciate what Valley Transit does for me today and every day, and encourage all of the community to continue to support and allow this wonderful service to stay in existence. They are a part of the pride of the people of Walla Walla Valley.

One more thing an annual riders pass would be a great addition to the many services that the system provides; a great suggestion for birthday or Christmas!

Roseann Loiacono
Walla Walla


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