Vote yes for CP schools


I would like to encourage all College Place residents to vote yes on the levy. This is a school programs and operations levy. It is a replacement levy and should not be confused with a bond.

I have been a homeowner in College Place for 30 years and realize that not all residents send their children to public schools. Even though this is the case for many College Place residents, we need to realize that all children deserve a quality education, regardless of whether they attend public or private schools.

Having worked with many children, I feel that each child learns from and responds to different stimulus such as music, sports, technology or specialized programs that will reach the gifted child as well as those with special needs. It is my understanding that this levy will provide programs such as these.

I feel that College Place has some outstanding educators who I know give children more of their time and energy than they are "paid" for. They do this because they want to make a difference in the lives of children.

Let's partner with these educators to make a difference! Vote yes for schools on Feb. 9.

Christi M. Eggers
College Place


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