Disorder in families leads to prison


We are growing our future prison population. According to Chuck Colson, founder of the ministry Prison Fellowship, it's time to seriously consider some startling facts.

There are over 2.3 million Americans behind bars. One in 31 adults in America is either in prison, on probation, or on parole. Seven hundred thousand prisoners are released into society every year. Fifty percent of these prisoners return to prison within three years of release. Seven in 10 children of prisoners will get caught in this cycle that will send 1.2 million children to prison unless we break the cycle of hate, greed and permissive moral living. Evil has no birth control and grows at an alarming rate as good people stand by and watch it all unfold.

Anyone who believes it doesn't matter what you believe about creation vs. evolution as being the one most important issue as being relevant to understanding the causes of disorder in our families, schools, government and churches comes under the heading of willful ignorance for there are too many evidences to suggest the contrary.

Mr. Colson says many prisoners grew up in households deeply and negatively impacted by crime. As kids most were on the path to imprisonment long before they were arrested for the first time. This family "tradition" of incarceration will never stop -- unless you and I raise our voices in Christian solidarity.

I can only be one Paul Revere to voice bringing a creation seminar to our Valley Oct. 17-18 that can have a colossal impact for good if all our churches were united in sponsoring the teaching of the Christian foundational message from which all doctrines are built. Surely this is something we can all agree on.

There are only two world views: There is a Creator God of authority, author of the Holy Bible; or there is no god of supernatural intelligence. Therefore we have no blessed hope of supernatural power from heaven on earth to defeat evil. Let's be honest fellow Christians -- without the creation message there is no believable foundation for the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a personal savior.

Phillip Monfort


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