Valentine's Day Tips - Flowers

Ideas and tips for flowers, treats, wine, dinner and dessert. Part 1 of 5.


Would-be romantics who want to woo their loved one this Valentine's Day, listen to an expert when it comes to flowers.

"It makes me feel very special and very loved," Lana Brown said about receiving flowers. She should know; for the last 27 of 28 valentines she's received them from her husband.

"I have to laugh when I told him early in our marriage that it was too easy to just call in and send flowers, and that didn't mean anything. And then there was one year in there that I didn't get any," Brown said, noting she fixed that the next year. "I said to him, 'Oh yeah flowers are wonderful.'"

After 27 bouquets, the effect is still the same, Brown said.

"I am smiling from ear to ear because that is the feeling you get when you see those flowers coming," she said, adding that the grin is even bigger when it happens at work.

"This sounds like I am so selfish, but I like to get them more at work. And in a way I feel a little guilty because other people don't get them. But it is special to get them delivered from someone who loves you. It is not as much fun to get them delivered to the door at home, but you still enjoy the beauty," she said. She also noted that hand-written notes are also a big plus, then said, "I am spoiled."

What will it cost to spoil your spouse with flowers within Walla Walla?

The delivery fees alone range from $5 to $7 at local florists, and most florists will deliver this Sunday.

As for the flowers, some florists will do a single rose in vase for a little over $10; a half dozen start around $25; a full dozen start around $40; and mixed arrangements vary greatly, but generally run about $30 on up.

Local florists say they rarely have to turn customers away for Valentines Day, but come Friday morning they may run out of some varieties of flowers. They also recommend ordering early, especially if you need a specific delivery time at your spouse's work.


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