Rogers Adventist School students raise thousands for Haiti

Bake sales and individual contributions brought in almost $3,900 for relief efforts.


COLLEGE PLACE -- Students at Rogers Adventist School have raised more than $3,800 in the past few weeks for relief in Haiti.

Principal Jim Weller said several fundraising efforts, including two successful bake sales and individual contributions brought in $3,868 as of last week.

The collection started with money and change collected in classrooms. Then one of the school's two bake sales, which included a raffle for pies and cakes, brought about $2,000.

"It was an awesome bake sale," Weller said. "We had a lot of people involved."

Weller said the majority of the school's 313 students has helped in some way, with some children bringing savings from their piggy banks.

"The things that the kids started inspired other people to chip in as well," Weller said.

Rogers students also received a visit from Dr. Ron Fleck, a local physician who recently returned from an outreach trip to Haiti. Weller said Fleck's visit and discussion inspired more children to want to help.

A class that had been raising money for another cause decided to give half of the $400 they'd raised to Haiti victims.

Weller said the school is done with the formal Haiti fundraising for now, but individual students continue to want to help. On Friday, as the school was opening for the day, staff noticed $5 had been slipped under the door, with "Haiti" written on a note.

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