Who's watching you?


Our youngest grandson had a ruptured appendix a couple of years ago and we flew to Dallas figuring we could worry just as well at the hospital as at home. Our check-in at DFW airport for the return trip was taking much longer than usual so we asked why. It seems my name had been added to a TSA/Homeland Security watch list.

After encountering the abnormally long check-in again when flying south this year, the four-page TSA Traveler Inquiry Form was completed -- with accompanying identity documentation -- and mailed. Nearly four weeks later a reply came from Homeland Security letting me know "Where it was determined that a correction to records was warranted, these records were modified to address any delay or denial of boarding that you may have experienced as a result of the watch list screening process."

After reading Homeland Security's letter it is still unknown if it was me or someone else with the same name that was/is really on this list, or even if I have been removed. Had we not flown I would never have known my name was even on such a list.

This occurred even though I've had several local and federal background checks done in the past due to my profession, licenses and passports gotten, and activities in which I've participated.

This happened to me with no notification. Do you know if you're on a government list?

Jim Davison


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