Cost of living in Walla Walla too high


You have a calculated way of passing bond issues over the last several years. Between the fire station, school bonds, building the new school, building a new police station, subsidy for Valley Transit when does it end?

I'll tell you when -- when we can no longer afford to live in the city of Walla Walla. Now that all these other issues are on the tax rolls we must replace the water and sewer lines and repair the city streets.

These issues have been facing the city for years. But now all of a sudden we must fix them. The water and sewer lines and the repair of the city streets should have been done long before the fire station. Has anyone heard of getting priorities straight?

Now that we property owners are taxed to the max how much more will be have to pay the state and feds in taxes? The city of Walla Walla has always been arrogant and out of touch with most of us citizens. I feel that this was a calculated plan to get all schools, city services, and new building done first. Now we have no choice but to repair our sewers and water system.

You say you want to have public meetings? Why bother?

We can't let our sewer pipes leak because the environmental agencies will have a cow. So the water and sewer pipes will have to be fixed whether you have public meetings or not. These public meetings are a bone thrown out to angry and broke taxpayers.

I am sure this letter will generate a flood of responses. Our city officials have no respect coming. City Hall fits right in with the behind closed doors of our federal government.

My wife and I worked hard and saved so we could be on the comfortable side when we reached retirement. But with all you are doing, our city bill will double or triple. They say it will only cost another hundred dollars. That was several hundred dollars ago.

For crying out loud get out of our pockets and off our backs.

Bill Whipple
Walla Walla


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