Health-care reform needed


Once during our time, in the Land of Eastern Oregon, there was a gentleman, Greg Walden, who wanted to represent all the people of his district in Washington, D.C.

Health-care cost had risen to an estimated $2.5 trillion in the year of 2009. This was the equivalent of $8,047 for every person in the country. There were millions of citizens with no insurance. It was predicted that cost could double in just nine years if the system wasn't reformed. Such costs cause financial hardships for individuals, families, businesses, and our governments.

East Oregonian article of Feb. 2, "Walden decries mounting federal deficit." The article stated, "He then turned to health care insurance reform, which he said the nation doesn't need. Rather he said, he'd liked to see incentives encouraging companies to use wellness plans for employees, which make for healthier workers and cuts insurance and medical costs."

Wellness programs can benefit all in living healthy lives, but cannot be a substitute for our medical-care system nor our public- health systems. Rep. Walden did not mention who would pay the incentives. It wasn't mentioned how such programs would benefit a person who was not employed by a "company."

Not mentioned was how wellness programs would prevent the escalating costs of insurance premiums or include the millions of folks without insurance.

East Oregonian article of Feb. 6, "Walden relishes role as leader," reports that "the new appointment also means Walden will take a leave from his seat on the powerful House Energy & Commerce Committee which has sweeping jurisdiction over health care and energy policy ... Walden said he doesn't look to lose much ground there. He will retain his full seniority on the seat next January."

What will our representative be doing in the meantime? As the leader of his party in the House, he will "Serve as deputy whip and deputy chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, which works to elect Republicans to the House."

As a recruiter, Walden stated, "Republicans need to outline how they operate, to reach out to people and ask them what kind of country they want America to be."

If you are one of those that would like America to be a place who all citizens could obtain affordable health care, follow his advice and let him know that we do need health-care reform.

Bruce Campbell


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