Now is not time to raise taxes


Gov. Gregoire wants to impose a $605 million tax hike on Washington state. At a time when so many people are out of work and the economy is struggling, Gregoire wants to add to the citizens' burden.

Remember 2008? Gregoire was determined to stay in the governor's mansion, so she made a lot of promises. One of the promises was that she wouldn't raise taxes during bad economic times.

I don't know how Gregoire defines bad economic times, but the majority of us out here in the real world know that the economy is hurting big time. We also know that raising taxes isn't the way to handle unwise government spending.

Gregoire and Barack Obama must have attended the same school of economics. Obama is responsible for unwise government spending on a massive scale. And didn't Obama also make some promises about taxes?

Gregoire and Obama -- what a team! Washington state and Washington, D.C. Hey, big spenders!

I've never been so eager to vote!

Roberta Bardsley
Walla Walla


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