In the minutes - Prescott School Board


Members of the Prescott School Board are Erik Young, Sara Fletcher, Pam Stueckle, Eva Madrigal and Karen Tonne. With Stueckle and Madrigal absent Thursday the board:

  • DRESS CODE: Discussed proposal for student uniforms. A survey showed 60 percent of parents favored uniforms, 70 percent of the staff was opposed, and students were opposed.
  • ENROLLMENT: Learned enrollment is at 239 full time equivalent students. The budget is based on 222 FTE.
  • W-P COMBINE: Discussed details of trip to the state tournament in Spokane. Appointed David Brock to serve on the combine committee along with Sara Fletcher.
  • SOCCER: Learned the athletic combine will be supporting fall soccer. A poll showed 17 students who weren't participating in any sport were interested in playing soccer.
  • RADIO TOWER: Decided to seek permission from the Brock family to put a radio tower on their property. The tower is used for bus communication.
  • HOUSING INSPECTION: Set housing inspection date for 6 p.m. April 29. Unanimous.
  • WORK SESSION: Set work session April 12 at 6 p.m. to review Canfield Insurance transportation forms. Unanimous.
  • BOARD DISTRICTS: Discussed concept of refiguring existing director districts to three director districts and two at-large districts. Presently there is one at-large district.
  • MEETING SITES: Discussed alternating board meetings between Prescott and Vista Hermosa.
  • CPF PURCHASES: Discussed $25,000 in unspent capital project funds for the gym. One possible purchase could be a scoreboard.
  • HOMELESS LIAISON: Designated Superintendent Carolyn Marsh as new homeless liaison. Unanimous.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Adopted technology plan for 2010-2013. Unanimous.
  • POLICY: Approved update to policy related to bid law. Unanimous.
  • SENIOR TRIP: Approved the senior class trip to Wallowa Lake. Unanimous.
  • COACHES: Approved hiring T.J. Scott, and Joe Estes as baseball coaches.
  • PERSONNEL: Accepted resignation of teacher JP Thew. Unanimous.
  • GRANTS: Approved grant revisions and carryovers. Unanimous.
  • SURPLUS: Declared buses 1 and 8 as surplus property. Unanimous.


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