Top 10 dominated by economic issues


It's always interesting to see how readers rank the importance of stories. For 2009, the message brought back the old political slogan loud and clear: It's the economy, stupid.

This is the 17th year readers have weighed in on how they saw the situation. This year there were 46 valid ballots.

While the top two or three stories fell into place easily, the others were tightly bunched. It shows that every ballot is important. One or two more votes could have changed the final results.

Even then there was not universal agreement. Thirteen different stories received at least one vote as the top story.

Points are calculated by awarding 10 points for every first-place vote; nine points for every second-place vote and so on with one point being given for each 10th-place vote.

There was one write-in topic that garnered enough points to be counted -- the funding of a new clinic at the Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

This list isn't meant to be definitive, but it is a fun way to look back over the year.

We appreciate everyone who participated and hope you enjoy today's recap.

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