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Business/job title: Artist/owner of Suncatcher Studio and Fine Crafts in Milton-Freewater. "Really Brandy the poodle owns the shop and I just work for her."

Hometown: "My roots are in New England. It just feels right."

What brought you to the area?: "My family. I had no choice they drug me across the country."

Favorite memory: "Finally, at this later stage of life, being able to turn some bad memories into good ones."

Current favorite song/CD: "I discovered Yanni. I love Yanni."

Favorite movie: "I hardly ever go to movies or watch TV. Let's go clear back to 'Bambi.' It's a sad story, but it was lovely."

Favorite food: "I like pasta. I haven't encountered any I didn't like yet, but I haven't sampled it all."

Favorite book: "Ishmael," by Daniel Quinn.

Favorite hobby: Knitting. "I guess a lot of people think the painting is a hobby, but it's not."

Favorite place in the area: "Right here." (The studio with her residence combined.) "I'm so glad Milton-Freewater allows residential and commercial."

Worst job: "Working for someone else. I've never had what you'd call a 'real job.' I'd rather work for myself 12 to 14 hours a day for less money than work for someone else."

Dream career: "Maybe a counselor. People drop in to talk and maybe I can lighten their burden."

SClBPerson you'd most like to talk to: "Maya Angelou, I perceive her as a very wise person. She'd be someone an ordinary person could just sit down and talk to."


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