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Scarlett (O'Hara of Tara Eveland) gave me her best big-brown-eyes puppy face this morning, as if to say, "But Mom, all the other area rugs have fringe, so I thought I'd help out with this one."

She made this adorable, entreating expression while calmly shredding the corner of the faux Persian rug at my feet while I, oblivious to her treachery, dried my hair with the blow dryer.

I gasped when I looked down to see her handiwork. "No, oh, no! Scarlett," I burst out.

She does have permission to rip the tar out of her tug-of-war knotted ropes in two lengths, and the stuffing out of countless stuffed animals. One such distraction is what's left of a fleecy dog in Santa attire with little black boots, still attached, and a Santa hat, not attached any more and now a tree ornament. She's carefully pulled most of the stuffing out of the stuffed animals, sometimes making the family room floor appear as if fluffy snow blew in through the patio door.

Scarlett gnaws quite happily on two bones, one rock-hard, the other rubber and squeaky. She chases tennis balls -- well, anything tossed.

She's also a connoisseur of the occasional stray sock some unfortunate person in the house has neglected to file away in the clothes hamper or on a dresser, too high up for the diminutive Welsh corgi to reach. What she lacks in height she makes up for with lightning speed and ingenuity.

My husband expects to be more diligent with his $7-per-pair warm winter wool socks, since he put one on the other morning to find it's as lacy as swiss cheese.

"I'll darn it for you," I said, "unless you want to keep the air conditioning."

Scarlett, it seems, needs to be entertained or she seeks out her own sources. Early on, she found the side of the leather ottoman to be a prime teething device.

And woe unto anyone who doesn't keep tissue, paper napkins, magazines and paper towels out of harm's way.

You can follow the trail of confetti she strews from one end of our home to the other.

If you think your 2-year-old is hard to handle, step aside for this four-legged toddler.

She's a mini-Tasmanian devil, but with enough charm to get herself out of trouble. So far.


James Polson was installed on Dec. 20 as worshipful master in the Milton Lodge 96 AFAM at the Milton Lodge Hall, 210 S.W. Second Ave.

Other officers installed include Dean Hamper, senior warden, and Corky York, junior warden.

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