Bus gives people independence


When I first moved to the Walla Walla Valley in 1987, I was a single parent with three school-age children. We lived in College Place and I took the bus to Walla Walla Community College.

While riding the bus and thinking how I was going to support the children, I thought, "I could drive this bus." In 1991, I was hired at Valley Transit. I love my job — I am proud to have a job, I am proud to have this job — and I am proud of the job I do. Over the years my children rode the bus to school, to community activities or to a friend’s house. And now my grandchildren love to ride on grandma’s bus.

Many of the faces on the bus have changed over the years, but many have not. They have ridden for years. The reason is the same — they cannot or do not drive. But they enjoy their independence of getting on the bus to go visiting friends, to the doctor and to go shopping.

I don’t believe a three-cent increase on a $10 purchase is a lot. Please vote yes on Feb. 9 to save our buses.

M.G. Abbott

Walla Walla


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