Democrats will feel wrath at next election


After reading Cora Davidson’s letter about how the health-care bill should include coverage for abortion, I just threw up my hands in disbelief that anyone can think that way. Without getting into a debate on "pro-life" versus "women’s right to choose murder," I was certainly surprised how she compared an unforseen illness to an unforseen pregnancy.

Hardly any pregnancy is unforseen, knowing before the event, that we live in a day of modern medical technology and multiple birth control choices. I have a hard time seeing how very many women become pregnant without prior knowledge of the circumstances.

Oh gee whizz, I caught a cold and got pregnant too. How in the world did that happen? Has common sense escaped from so many people?

As far as Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., is concerned, he did the right thing first and the wrong thing second. He insisted on the health-care bill not include coverage for abortion, then turned around and took a bribe to vote for the proposal to end debate.

America by majority did not want this bill, and people like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nelson and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are going to feel the wrath of their constituents in their next election. We are going to take back our country and boot the idiots out!

Dan R. Clark

Walla Walla


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