Reject effort to raise taxes


What is the cost to you the citizens of Oregon if we pass Measures 66 and 67.

Let’s look at some facts. What has happened in the last 12 months to the average national income, last year it was $51,000 and now it is $38,600, which is a loss of about $13,000. For the federal government to hold the status quo, it will cost an additional 34 percent on everyone’s federal taxes. What is the average wages in Oregon: $35,000; in Umatilla County: $26,500. What is the average wages for some special groups: federal workers: $71,200; state workers (Oregon): $69,000. How many jobs have been lost in the last year in Oregon: 132,000. How many workers have been hired by the state agencies (includes education): 21,000.

How much of the savings that you are not going to receive if we pass these measures. There will be no savings, but there will be an increase because of the passage of these measures because everything that you buy will go up in cost because businesses just pass along the cost of business to you the customer.

You also need to know that the Legislature raised the state budget 9 percent. In 10 years it has raised the budget 60 percent and the population of Oregon has gone up only 10 percent. The last session it passed 120 new tax bills. If you calculate the first, last and the cap and trade bill it will cost each family in Oregon an additional $2,500 in taxes.

If you go to the ballot measures and look at those people who want you to pass these bills you will find every government group, the unions, the save the earth or whatever, otherwise the Democrats and the liberals of Oregon come out of this whole and will be guaranteed more money in their pockets that will come out of your pockets.

When will you, the taxpayers of Oregon, say enough is enough? I hope on this ballot you will vote no and send those legislators back to Salem with a mandate to cut the pork out of this budget, cut the non-essentials, leave the important, fire the 21,000 new employees, then cut the wages of state employees 25 percent bringing them back to where it is not an embarrassment when compared to what the people paying the bills make.

James Burns



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