Scripture is helping people with finances


I appreciated the U-B printing a recent story about the growing number of Americans who are turning to Scripture for financial instruction (Dec. 27). As the article pointed out, while these kinds of workshops are controversial, there is no question that they are helping many people learn to better handle and plan for their financial needs.

Certainly, during these challenging economic times, it is heartening that Americans are thinking hard about how to enhance our financial education.

Close to home, the Walla Walla Asset Building Coalition has been working to find ways to help area residents develop these skills and knowledge. One of the ways the coalition is doing this is by sponsoring an upcoming financial education course called Money Smart, with generous support from Banner Bank.

The coalition is also interested to learn about area church members’ experiences with in-house financial education courses such as Mr. Ramsey’s. Anyone who would like to share their stories about these programs can contact me at the Blue Mountain Action Council.

Noah Leavitt

Walla Walla


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