Healthy community needs transit system


I have lived in several towns the size of Walla Walla. What I've enjoyed about each place is the commitment to the well being of community members by people in town. The libraries, parks, transit systems, parades and special events I've experienced have added to my quality of life. When I returned to live in Walla Walla after a 25-year absence, I was thrilled knowing I'd have all these public systems in place.

Now, our bus system is in jeopardy. For running errands, getting to work or visiting friends, I walk, ride my bike, take the bus or drive. I prefer the first three options for many reasons, but mainly because of what they say about a community.

Healthy, vibrant towns provide viable services to meet the needs of their residents. These options include a comprehensive bus system. Transit takes many people to work and kids to school and activities. Often our elderly and disabled residents depend on the bus system to get around town. All of us need the transit system no matter how much we use it because it builds the health of our community overall.

Please vote yes for transit on Feb. 9.

Karen Kirkwood
Walla Walla


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