Tax is small price for public transportation


I have studied carefully the issue of whether or not to increase sales tax for the purpose of funding Valley Transit more fully. I am highly in favor of increasing the Walla Walla area sales tax by three-tenths of one percent to help Valley Transit continue with its current routes, Dial-A-Ride, Job Access and van services.

My husband and I depend solely on Dial-A-Ride for transportation to keep our medical appointments. I am legally blind and my husband is visually impaired hence we can no longer drive. I am active in the United Blind of Walla Walla organization, and I am aware of other people who also depend on public transportation.

I hate to see the drivers for Valley Transit lose their jobs for a mere 3 cents per $10 purchase. This is a very small price to pay to keep public transportation running. Please vote yes on Feb. 9.

Shirley J. Musick
Walla Walla


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