Bus service provides many benefits


The Valley Transit system is vital to our community. Many people use this resource as a means to get to work, classes, appointments, shopping and much more.

When I moved to Walla Walla five years ago, I did not have my driver's license. Without the option of Valley Transit, I would not have been able to attend classes at Walla Walla Community College or meet other responsibilities.

Being new in town, I didn't really know anyone. Riding the bus gave me an opportunity to meet people. I have made many "bus friends" during my daily travels. One of the "bus friends" I made while attending WWCC became one of my close friends.

Although I have had my driver's license for three years now, I still ride the bus as much as possible. I meet many people, save my money and the environment, as well as getting around town -- all at the same time.

I urge everyone to vote "yes" for Valley Transit on Feb. 9.

Sarah Putnam
Walla Walla


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