Health-care bill threatens freedom


Now is the time to act. Now is the time to continue to contact your senators and representatives in Washington, D.C. If indeed this health-care bill passes both houses, we as Americans will lose all of our freedoms. You may scoff at this; however, this is just the first step toward commandeering the movement of taking away all freedoms from U.S. citizens.

This is exactly what the Barack Obama administration wants and this is exactly what the liberal Democrats want.

These people hate America's freedom. Why do you think that some of these people don't salute the American flag? Why do you think that some of these people don't sing our national anthem? They do not want to show honor to this country and to the lives that have been lost, in the many wars that have been fought, of the people who have laid down their lives and have had their blood spilled so we can remain free and no wars fought on this soil.

We now face an enemy from within. We must stand up and be counted.

Our founding forefathers would want us to stand up and be counted and do something about this situation. We cannot lose our freedom and remain a democracy. We cannot lose our freedom and remain a people who are free and have freedom to operate in a free market to create jobs.

Please don't let this happen.

Sharon Benzel
Walla Walla


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